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Movement is a

Human Right

Restoring the ability to walk for those who previously could not afford it


Improve Your Walking with Smart Muscle Stimulation

The EvoWalk device uses precisely timed muscle stimulation to rehabilitate walking
form, prevent falls, and bring confidence back to your walking.
EvoWalk is the first Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) device that aims to use
Artificial Intelligence to reliably track walking patterns and personalize stimulation.

Bringing Freedom of Mobility to Everyone

In early trials, the EvoWalk device has improved the walking form of Multiple Sclerosis patients, ALS patients and Stroke victims.
The EvoWalk can improve your walking speed, reduce fatigue and prevent you from tripping.

We aim to be the most affordable and effective

tool to rehabilitate walking

No more bulky AFO’s or expensive devices.
EvoWalk aims to be the most affordable and effective solution to recover your ability to walk freely.


The Team



Pierluigi Mantovani

Pierluigi is a neuroscientist by training, holding a degree in cognitive science from UC Berkeley. Prior to Evolution Devices, Pierluigi was a researcher at UCSF in the lab of neurosurgeon Dr. Chang, focusing on plasticity in the brain. Evolution Devices stems from his father’s battle with MS and foot drop, in which he found that an affordable FES device was nonexistent. Pierluigi also founded the NeuroTech Club at Berkeley, where all the co-founders met.


Juan M. Rodriguez

Juan is an Electrical Engineer by trade, graduating with a degree in EECS from UC Berkeley. He has extensive experience with embedded systems and circuit design, specifically geared towards developing assistive devices. After his grandfather lost mobility on the right side of his body due to a brain tumor, Juan became passionate about using his skills to create technology to empower and enhance humanity. Born and raised in El Salvador.


Pierre Karashchuk

Pierre is currently a PhD candidate in Neuroscience at University of Washington. Pierre is a trained theoretical neuroscience graduated with a degree in Computer Science and Statistics from UC Berkeley. He is also a former Apple Research Engineer. His experience and passion lies in applying his advanced skill set towards creating assistive and augmentative devices. Pierre also co-founded the NeuroTech Club at Berkeley along with Pierluigi.


Our Advisors


Dr. Richard Souza Advisor

Director of Research UCSF Human Performance Center

Vice Chair of Research UCSF Physical Therapy Department


Bill Cohen

Business and Operations Advisor

Co-founder at Edge Systems and Berkeley Haas MBA



Contact us at: info@evolutiondevices.com